How to Make the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Social media marketing consultants can be the most fun part of your campaigns. Who doesn't like to interact with their customers, show them their products and see how their fan base grows? However, you have to keep up permanently. Beca...

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Social media marketing consultants can be the most fun part of your campaigns. Who doesn't like to interact with their customers, show them their products and see how their fan base grows?
However, you have to keep up permanently. Because on the internet the rules change every very short time. What works at a given time on Twitter, for example, may not do so well a week later. The networks change as fast as fashions: how many times have you seen a meme that you loved to realize a week after I wasn't so funny?

However, it is very important for online entrepreneurs to be present in the networks. After all, if our business is digital, it will also have to be the emphasis of our marketing, right?
Social networks are a vital part of your digital marketing: 75% of shoppers confess to buying a product they have seen on a social network.
Now that the high shopping season is approaching, it is important that you develop your social networks and understand how to publish them in the most effective and efficient way possible.
To do this, we want to tell you the latest social media marketing trends that you will have to pay attention to if you want to appear in the feeds of all your customers. Are you ready?

The Rise of Mobile Devices

Today, there are more than 2.5 million users with a smartphone in the world, so it is no surprise that all strategies are centered around this device. You will have noticed that we all have our small laptops with us practically all the time.
Therefore, it is no surprise to anyone that they have become one of the means in which social media content is most consumed. So, if you want to succeed with the high season of sales, you have to make your social media marketing strategies designed to be consumed on mobile devices.

Post Content Vertically

Horizontal video content is a thing of years ago. What is taken now, following the trend of mobile phones, is the vertical video content. Platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have made these figures have been constantly increasing. You just have to take a quick look at your networks: How many videos require you to turn your phone to watch them? Not many, right?
Most people will not turn the screen to watch your videos horizontally, so the size of the content is greatly reduced if you do not join the fashion of recording vertically! So, you know: record vertically so that your followers don't skip any of your posts.

Caption your Video

A recent study shows that 85% of the FB content is consumed without sound. When do you enter FB, Instagram, etc. On the way to work, in a supermarket queue, on the bus ...? It makes sense that we consume a lot of content without sound: we always watch social networks at times when sound is not an option.
If you don't want to waste your time, add subtitles to your videos in your marketing strategy. Especially to those who are going to share in your social networks.

Video Content for your Social Networks

Speaking of videos: consumers love them. They not only give the possibility of knowing more about a product or knowing more about a service: they also offer a higher ROI (return on investment) for merchants and increases the organic traffic that a website receives. You really don't want to give them a chance?
Why are you Interested in Implementing a Video Marketing Strategy?
You need to know what the purpose of your campaign is. Typically, campaigns aim to:
· Increase your exposure (e.g. share the Christmas spirit through a creative narrative of your brand).
· Increase sales (e.g. display new products that could be perfect gifts).
These are precisely two of the benefits of video marketing. So, you know: Focus on creating content that shows your personality and helps strengthen relationships with your customers.
To give a Christmas example, isn't the Christmas lottery ad the most anticipated of the year? We may love it or hate it, but it never leaves us indifferent.

Give your Content on Social Networks a Little joy with the Stories

For a few years, Instagram stories have become a great marketing tool.In case you don't know them yet, they are images or videos captured by a person or company and published in such a way that they are only available to the audience for 24 hours. Once that time has elapsed, they disappear forever (in reality they can be easily recovered if the account owner wants to, but your audience could not access them).